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local svn:externals with bzr and by-reference trees

$ bzr branch $ cd trunk/ $ svn proplist -v -R | grep externals -C1 Properties on 'svn-checkout/mingw-w64-headers/ddk/include': svn:externals ddk svn:// $ bzr branch svn:// mingw-w64-headers/ddk/include/ddk $ bzr join mingw-w64-headers/ddk/include/ddk/ $ bzr ci -m "Merging svn:externals" $ bzr merge :parent is permanently redirected to +N mingw-w64-crt/misc/wcstof.c +N mingw-w64-headers/direct-x/include/d3dx9shape.h M mingw-w64-crt/ChangeLog #snip M mingw-w64-headers/include/ChangeLog M mingw-w64-headers/include/dbghelp.h All changes applied successfully. $ bzr ci -m "merged from upstream svn" $ bzr merge svn://sv

Free & not so free: WebKit2 & iPhone OS 4.0 vs MonoTouch

Webkit2 looks amazing. Will have to read up about it more =) can I please have it in epiphany - NOW? Please =) this has been covered on LWN as well. Well well, I can't verify this but iPhone 4.0 SDK limits programming languages to Javascript (Webkit), C, C++ & Objective-C. Although this is a large choice, but it makes impossible for C# / MonoTouch apps to enter the App Store with 4.0 API's =( What's next Apple? Forcing to use XCode and not allowing apps with an Emacs or Vi mode-lines in the source-code? Can't wait for Lucid =) Must put the count-down banner on my blog ;-)