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abi-compliance-checker & dh / cdbs integration

dh-autoreconf is an amazing addon for running autoreconf, I just love it. abi-compliance-checker is an amazing tool for tracking API/ABI. Wouldn't it be great to glue abi-compliance-checker into dh / cdbs packaging?!  abi-compliance-checker (1.98.8-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=low  .    * New upstream release    * Add dh_acc to generate and compare library dumps at build time,      together with addons for dh(7) and cdbs.    * Bump standards version, bump debhelper to 9, use 3.0 (quilt) format,      update Vcs-Svn field to canonical form, remove obsolete      DM-Upload-Allowed.    * Apply a patch to allow suffixes on a-c-c abi dumps. Horay! So how does one use it? build-depend on dh-acc In your debian/rules call dh_acc somewhere appropriate dh $@ --with acc include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/ In your debian/libpackage-dev.acc Write a abi-compliance-checker descriptor (no need to include version) Build your package Copy the generated /usr/lib/$(multiarch)/

FTBFS fixes and other patches available for your package!

Wheeze is planned to release very soon! There is still a fair amount of work to push the release out, but it does mean that a lot of fun can begin for jessie. Over the past cycle in Ubuntu, many packages where synced from experimental, many fixes were applied and many packages were upgraded ahead of debian version strings. If one goes to your package PTS page at: /$SCRPACKAGENAME One can find the following box titled "ubuntu" in it: Please click on "patches for VERSION STRING" to find: Useless irrelevant changes =) oh well, it happens FTBFS fixes due to GCC 4.8 (*) FTBFS fixes due to new GlibC FTBFS fixes due to multiarched Python2.7 and Python3.3 FTBFS fixes due to multiarched Tcl/Tk FTBFS fixes due to Python hash randomisation enabled FTBFS fixes due to Boost 1.53 (*) Fixes to minimise dependencies when bootstrapping packages Fixes to multiarch more and more libraries Fixes to enable package cross-building