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Hacking on launchpadlib

So here is a quick sample of my progress playing around with launchpadlib using lp-shell from lptools: In [1]: lp Out[1]: <launchpadlib.launchpad.Launchpad at 0x7f49ecc649b0> In [2]: lp.distributions Out[2]: <launchpadlib.launchpad.DistributionSet at 0x7f49ddf0e630> In [3]: lp.distributions['ubuntu'] Out[3]: <distribution at> In [4]: lp.distributions['ubuntu'].display_name Out[4]: 'Ubuntu' In [5]: lp.distributions['ubuntu'].summary Out[5]: 'Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support.' In [7]: import sys; print(sys.version) 3.4.1 (default, Jun 9 2014, 17:34:49) [GCC 4.8.3] There is not much yet, but it's a start. python3 port of launchpadlib is coming soon. It has been attempted a few times before and I am leveraging that work. Porting this stack has proven to be the most difficult python3 port I have ever don