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avahi + apt-cacher-ng + sbuild ?!

Laptop enters the WiFi network and decides that it wants to build some packages using sbuild. At the same time, on this network there is apt-cacher-ng operating with most of packages cached. On the other hand, there is a project squid-deb-proxy which provides yet another apt proxy, but with the added bonus of avahi discovery. Can we throw all of this stuff together and make it work? Well let's try =) On ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install apt-cacher-ng squid-deb-proxy-client On debian: Squid-deb-proxy-client is not packaged just fetch and install it. It's really just one python script & one conffile. Or I have published the python script and the config as part of this posts gist . Next all of the avahi magic, really is just publishing a service file & letting the python-script from the squid-deb-proxy-client package find it, and adding apt-conf.d snippet which calls the above mentioned script and generate correct proxy line. But we are running apt