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uwsgi gains --paste-name option

One of the WSGI servers that is commonly using with nginx is uwsgi . One way to configure and deploy simple and complex WSGI middlewares and apps is by using Paste deploy tooling. However, until now uwsgi was only able to load a default app under the suffix "main". There is no such limitation in the Paste deploy code itself, as functions there accept a name argument. What was missing is an option in uwsgi to pass, optionally, alternative non-default name of the app to load. A patch adding this option has now been merged upstream and should be available in the next uwsgi release. What I was hoping that one will be able to do something like this: $ uwsgi --ini-paste /etc/nova/api-paste.ini --paste-name osapi_compute But alas that didn't work. I wish all OpenStack Software service were deployable as normal wsgi stand-alone apps without any addition glue code. Keystone is kind of like this with /usr/share/httpd/cgi-bin/keystone/main entry point for deploying keys