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Clear Containers for Docker* Engine

Today at work, I announced something James Hunt, Ikey Doherty and myself have been working on. We integrated Clear Containers  technology with Docker* Engine  to create Clear Containers for Docker* Engine . After following installation instructions , one can pull and run existing Docker* containers in the secure Clear Containers environment. This means that instead of namespaces, a fast virtual machine is started using the kvmtool hypervisor. This VM is running an optimised minimal Linux* kernel and the optimised Clear Linux* for Intel ®  Architecture Project user-space, with the only goal to execute the Docker* workload and then shut down. The net effect is almost indistinguishable from typical Docker* container usage: $ docker run -ti ubuntu:vivid root@d88a60502ed7:/# systemd-detect-virt kvm Apart from, as you see, it's running inside a kvm VM, and thus protected by  Intel® Virtualization Technology. This is available on Clear Linux* as well as multiple other operating