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Post-Brexit - The What Now?

Out of 46,500,001 electorate 17,410,742 voted to leave, which is a mere 37.4% or just over a third. [ source ]. On my books this is not a clear expression of the UK wishes. The reaction that the results have caused are devastating. The Scottish First Minister has announced plans for 2nd Scottish Independence referendum [ source ]. Londoners are filing petitions calling for Independent London [ source , source ]. The Prime Minister announced his resignation [ source ]. Things are not stable. I do not believe that super majority of the electorate are in favor of leaving the EU. I don't even believe that those who voted to leave have considered the break up of the UK as the inevitable outcome of the leave vote. There are numerous videos on the internet about that, impossible to quantify or reliably cite, but for example this [ source ] So What Now? P R O T E S T I urge everyone to start protesting the outcome of the mistake that happened last Thursday. 4th of July