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Hello Debian, Planet and Debconf12

I'm going to Debconf12 Hello Debian Planet! I have recently became a Debian Developer. One of the first things I did, was fix some RC bugs in my packages due to an ABI break from upstream in a point release. Then I fixed some bugs in  offlineimap... Little did I know, that I broke it for many Debian developers including  my ex boss and the Debian Project Leader  all at the same time. Speaking of which, any help will be appreciated in hunting down a memory leak in offlineimap. I am going to Debconf12, thanks to my employer . I am interested in Python/dh_python[2-3], dh, 3.0 (quilt) with a DVCS, lvm2, mdadm, btrfs-tools, autofs, e2fsprogs, dm-crypt, debian-installer, init-systems & friends, OpenERP, offlineimap... if you are as well, find me and talk to me =))) Regards, xnox