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Flash Nexus7 like a rock star

Are you tired of typing a hostname, username, password and WiFi password every time you flash Nexus7 with Ubuntu Core images? Do you wish to automate those boring steps? Do you wish you could reboot into fastboot mode over ssh without reaching and fiddling with volume down and power keys? Now you can! $ bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-nexus7/ubuntu-nexus7/preseed Has a nifty command called $ ./prepare-preseed By default it takes preseed.cfg, attempts to copy wifi.cfg or fetch current active WiFi connection settings from Network Manager's /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/* downloads latest bootimg and twiddles it to include all of the above. After that you can fastboot flash standard user-data image + this cusom bootimg and voila, upon fastboot reboot ubiquity will come up and will automatically answer all the questions for you and boot into desktop with wifi connected. If you want to customize settings simply edit the sample preseed.cfg. If you do not want to always

X-Chat power-user upload

xchat (2.8.8-7ubuntu2) raring; urgency=low * Optimise default settings for efficient chatting + Make tab completion by default use last-used order, not alphabetical. This way for example if one is chatting with cjwatson, typing "cj " will complete to cjwatson and not cjohnston. Manual migration: ~/.xchat/xchat.conf: completion_sort = 1 + Do not focus channel upon entering, as that clears highlights when using a znc proxy. To be honest, there should be a distinction between manually joining new channels & auto-joining. (LP: #189222 ) Manual migration: ~/.xchat/xchat.conf: tab_new_to_front = 0 + Do not clear buffer with Ctrl-L shortcut. (LP: #304477 ) That shortcut is dominated by web-browsers changing URLs and causes context loss if the focus was accidently left on xchat. * Fix ftbfs, should link against gmodule. * Add xchat-indicator to recommends. (LP: #1048335 ) * Include svg icon (LP: #840673 ) --

Android Debug Bridge (adb) update for 4.2.2

To use adb against android 4.2.2 device one needs updated adb tool. This is now published in raring archive. If you are using quantal or precise, there is a backport published in the usual location of the nexus7-installer. add-apt-ppa -y ppa:ubuntu-nexus7/ubuntu-nexus7-installer Here are the instructions about the new adb from the android development website: When you connect a device running Android 4.2.2 or higher to your computer, the system shows a dialog asking whether to accept an RSA key that allows debugging through this computer. This security mechanism protects user devices because it ensures that USB debugging and other adb commands cannot be executed unless you're able to unlock the device and acknowledge the dialog. This requires that you have adb version 1.0.31 (available with SDK Platform-tools r16.0.1 and higher) in order to debug on a device running Android 4.2.2 or higher.  -- ADB 

Help pick a motherboard for a desktop

I want a desktop computer and I am struggling with all the manufacturers website to find a motherboard with following requirements: supports UEFI Secure Boot has Intel Matrix Storage Technology  (aka Intel Raid) supports Ivy Bridge 22nm CPUs supports up to 32GB or RAM supports dual screens and 3D acceleration using preferably onboard Intel graphics Many manufacturers do state UEFI, but do not say if SecureBoot is available (either out of the box or via firmware upgrade). The Intel Rapid Storage comes with a few chipsets, but in most series it's an optional feature that may or may not be present. Any recommendations? Or ways on how to find these details about motherboards?