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What does FCC Net Neutrality repeal mean to you?

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An interesting bug - network-manager, glibc, dpkg-shlibdeps, systemd, and finally binutils

Not so long ago I went to effectively recompile NetworkManager and fix up minor bug in it. It built fine across all architectures, was considered to be installable etc. And I was expecting it to just migrate across. At the time, glibc was at 2.26 in artful-proposed and NetworkManager was built against it. However release pocket was at glibc 2.24. In Ubuntu we have a ProposedMigration process in place which ensures that newly built packages do not regress in the number of architectures built for; installable on; and do not regress themselves or any reverse dependencies at runtime. Thus before my build of NetworkManager was considered for migration, it was tested in the release pocket against packages in the release pocket. Specifically, since package metadata only requires glibc 2.17 NetworkManager was tested against glibc currently in the release pocket, which should just work fine.... autopkgtest [21:47:38]: test nm: [----------------------- test_auto_ip4 (__main__.ColdplugEthe

2017 is the new 1984

1984: Library Edition Novel by George Orwell, cover picture by Google Search result I am scared. I am petrified. I am confused. I am sad. I am furious. I am angry. 28 days later I shall return from NYC. I hope.