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/boot less LVM rootfs in Zesty

On Ubuntu many of the default boot loaders support booting kernels located on LVM volumes. This includes following platforms i686, x86_64 bios grub2 arm64, armhf, i686, x86_64 UEFI grub2 PReP partitions on IBM PowerPC zipl on IBM zSystems For all of the above the d-i has been modified in Zesty to create LVM based installations without a dedicated /boot partition. We shall celebrate this achievement. Hopefully this means one doesn't need to remove kernels as much, or care about sizing /boot volume appropriately any more. If there are more bootloaders in Ubuntu that support booting off LVM, please do get in touch with me. I'm interested if I can safely enable following platforms as well: armhf with u-boot arm64 with u-boot ppc64el with PReP volume ps. boots pic is from here