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Moved & Funny TED bits

I've got myself a domain and I was hoping I did move my feed correctly without spamming Ubuntu Planet... Well I did reimport the whole blog and kept all the timestamps but the RSS feed got screwed up so I did spam the planet afterall trials and testing. Sorry about the spam =( I did move my blog from to  for many reasons. Both are hosted services (I can't afford my own hosting) and blogger has more features and is less evil. I do want to be able to edit full stylesheet and include ubuntu countdown banner without paying =) plus I already use my google account for pretty much everything else. A couple of days ago I've watched a few really fun and interesting TED talks. While generally they are highly sophisticated and educational here are some of the humorous I've found: Julia Sweeney "The Talk" - about kids & parenting Dan Meyer "Math class needs a makeover " Sebastian Wernicke "Lies, damned l