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libnih (upstart dependency) ported to kFreeBSD/eglibc

Back in September at the Linux Plumbers Conference in New Orleans, James Hunt and I presented Upstart roadmap , which included porting Upstart to kFreeBSD/glibc. The first milestone is now complete. Libnih is ported to kFreeBSD/eglibc. During the course to get there the following has happened: Petr Salinger (ps-guest) adds waitid() support  to eglibc-2.18 packaging branch using  wait6 syscall Later libnih test-suite gets a test case failure, which is then reported to . Turns out some syscalls on FreeBSD returned bogus siginfo_t.si_status information in some cases. Luckily there is now a full test-case and kernel patch posted by Jilles Tjoelker. Once that's committed upstream, I'll push for uploads to the affected kernels in Debian. A few small patches applied to libnih, mostly adding POSIX compliant header includes and the like.  So with a patched libc and patched kernel one can compile libnih & run its test-suite. There are however some cavea