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Thoughts on Debian package policies

configure,, config.guess & config.sub Are static, included copies of code that should always be rebuild during build. If they are not rebuild at build time, it should be documented/automated the relevant helpers that are needed to rebuild the package. If they are failing to rebuild it's RC since source code is provided that is effectively cannot be modified in the preferred form. They also should not be modified in patch form, as editing generated code is not preferred form of modification. Also it constantly hurts us when bringing up new kernels and architectures (recently kfreebsd, armhf, aarch64). dh_autoreconf is a great tool to achieve thiis s. no native packages Generally if software is useful in Debian Project it can be useful for other debian-like and unlike projects. In particular native packages do not offer the same patching flexibility as 3.0 (quilt), thus forcing downstream distributions to inline modify packages without DEP-3 headers. This hurts u


#stagetaken I have now permanently settled in the UK.