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I got a $job in #FLOSS!

So my last post was about me trying to find a job in Open Source. That post generated an email from Tristan Hill who told me that he recently started to work for Credativ and that they have positions open. So I've checked it out, looked lovely, but I wasn't so sure about the what type of work I would have to do. In February, I had an interview with Chris Halls and it was a dream come true. I took the job. Thank you Tristan Hill for reading Ubuntu Planet. Credativ is Open Source company. Job satisfies FSF open-source job definition . The company was started in Germany, by a Debian Developer - Dr. Michael Meskes. There are a few other Debian Developers. Credativ does a lot of 3rd line support around the world. The centre in Germany is 24h, the UK office is not. In the UK we do a lot of Nagios and OpenERP development & support as well as provide OSS training. Relaxed, diverse, challenging and fun =) And you get root ;-) And our marketing manager Irenie White has cakes