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My Debian Activities: Multiarch & upstart on kFreeBSD hacking

Looks like there is a recent trend to publicize one's debian activities, so I thought I should join in =) Not so sure if MDA acronym would work for these types of posts... Multiarch I have been working on multi-arching additional libraries. In particular I am working on multiarching boost libraries. At the moment boost1.53 multiarched libraries are uploaded in the experimental, and I am still working out the quirks with those. At the same time I have submitted a patch to multiarch libicu-dev, which has been accepted by the maintainer and is currently waiting in new queue.  This brings us closer to multiarching all of boost libraries. But as it has been pointed out at the Multiarch BOF at Debconf'13, one doesn't have to wait for dependencies (be it libs or lib-devs) to be Multiarched before multi-arching your own library. If you do it right (put all or arch-specifi headers in multiarch location, and place libraries in multiarch location, split utilities into a separate p