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How did you get your first job in open-source?

I have graduated with a 2:1 Masters of Engineering in the UK. I am now looking for recent-graduate entry level jobs. I have been involved in Ubuntu development during my spare time over the past years. My current job hunt hasn't been successful yet. So i want to ask: How did you get your first job in open-source? I have experience in C/Python/Gtk programming, Ubuntu/Debian Deb packaging as well as Fedora/openSUSE RPM packaging, autotools/CMake/distutils, git/bzr/svn. I am looking for internship, entry level job with prospects of future full-time employment. Ideal position is an open-source C/Python developer on Linux as part of an experienced team. Location: UK, EU, Russia. This is my story =) Share your story with me! attach. CV

Chromium vs Gnome Panel

Chromium starts up and opens my pinned tabs: Gmail, Gcalendar & Greader before gnome panel appears... Also network manager sometimes is slow to bring up WiFi even though my home network is set up to be used by all users, resulting in failed to load in chromium.

Apple booting in a nutshell

As part of GSoC I need to get an easy tool to create boot able usb sticks from Intel Macs. This past week I've been investigating how Macs do boot. In the process I've wiped my partition table, recovered using testdisk , plaid around with rEFIt, mac boot options, NVRAM, efi shell read tons of apple source code , and UEFI specs . Overall it's quite complex and fun =). I'll try to document as much as possible of everything I have found out in the rest of this post. On power-on, BootROM is doing Power-on-Sefl-test and hands over to OpenFirmware on PowerPC machines, or to the EFI bootmanager (as far as I understand) on Intel Macs. The BootROM "knows" about the fancy startup keys, e.g. options key which can passes hints to OpenFirmware & EFI bootmanager on what user wants to do (e.g. clean NVRAM & PRAM, force pop-out cd, perform target-disk mode boot, netboot or present available boot drives). OpenFirmware later on passes onto BootX and that boots OS 9

In response to bzr-git case study blog

This blog post on Debian Planet, mentions how easy it is to package with bzr-buildded ontop of upstream git repository. Also there are  bzr-svn and bzr-hg plugins, and you can request launchpad to automatically do imports of those upstreams every 6 hours and on-demand ;-) and of course you can still push your bzr packaging branch to alioth ;-) if you don't want to tie yourself up to much with launchpad. Bzr and launchpad designed for collaboration =)  especially with awesome ground contol  tool which integrates launchpad into nautilus. And yes you can associate multiple authors with a commit (if multiple people worked on a debdiff you are merging), and yes you can associate BTS, Launchpad and any bug tracking URL's with a bzr commit. Git can't do that ;-) Also note launchpad is getting building packages out of recipes, so if your packaging branch is based on top of upstream branch import, you will be able soon request launchpad to merge packaging with upstream o

GSoC, rEFIt, Eurovision & Britain's Got Talent

GSoC Yes, I'm doing GSoC as well =) I'll be working on improving usb-creator: doing command line frontend, Mac OS X fronend, merge usb-creator with Wubi, and hopefully allowing to customise usb sticks. I've already fix a couple of bugs in usb-creator, debranded the package and the debian ITP  discussion are ongoing. Hopefully we will hit the debian archive soon ;-) and I did swirled branding for debian as well. Right now, i'm working on command line interface. A few options work and I can create bootable usb-stick from command-line but it's currently in ugly but works state with debug output =) rEFIt ATTENTION mactel users   there is a new release of rEFIt 0.14  download =) if you're ubuntu was getting identified as "legacy" system recently in the rEFIt menu please try that. Don't forget to click customise during installation and include ext and ReiserFS tools. Also if you are using my wonderful humanity icon theme for rEFIt , you wi

Moved & Funny TED bits

I've got myself a domain and I was hoping I did move my feed correctly without spamming Ubuntu Planet... Well I did reimport the whole blog and kept all the timestamps but the RSS feed got screwed up so I did spam the planet afterall trials and testing. Sorry about the spam =( I did move my blog from to  for many reasons. Both are hosted services (I can't afford my own hosting) and blogger has more features and is less evil. I do want to be able to edit full stylesheet and include ubuntu countdown banner without paying =) plus I already use my google account for pretty much everything else. A couple of days ago I've watched a few really fun and interesting TED talks. While generally they are highly sophisticated and educational here are some of the humorous I've found: Julia Sweeney "The Talk" - about kids & parenting Dan Meyer "Math class needs a makeover " Sebastian Wernicke "Lies, damned l

local svn:externals with bzr and by-reference trees

$ bzr branch $ cd trunk/ $ svn proplist -v -R | grep externals -C1 Properties on 'svn-checkout/mingw-w64-headers/ddk/include': svn:externals ddk svn:// $ bzr branch svn:// mingw-w64-headers/ddk/include/ddk $ bzr join mingw-w64-headers/ddk/include/ddk/ $ bzr ci -m "Merging svn:externals" $ bzr merge :parent is permanently redirected to +N mingw-w64-crt/misc/wcstof.c +N mingw-w64-headers/direct-x/include/d3dx9shape.h M mingw-w64-crt/ChangeLog #snip M mingw-w64-headers/include/ChangeLog M mingw-w64-headers/include/dbghelp.h All changes applied successfully. $ bzr ci -m "merged from upstream svn" $ bzr merge svn://sv

Free & not so free: WebKit2 & iPhone OS 4.0 vs MonoTouch

Webkit2 looks amazing. Will have to read up about it more =) can I please have it in epiphany - NOW? Please =) this has been covered on LWN as well. Well well, I can't verify this but iPhone 4.0 SDK limits programming languages to Javascript (Webkit), C, C++ & Objective-C. Although this is a large choice, but it makes impossible for C# / MonoTouch apps to enter the App Store with 4.0 API's =( What's next Apple? Forcing to use XCode and not allowing apps with an Emacs or Vi mode-lines in the source-code? Can't wait for Lucid =) Must put the count-down banner on my blog ;-)

rEFIt Humanity Icons

If you are familiar with the screen above. This post is for you! I couldn't stand staring at inconsistent icons and despite liking tux a lot I wanted to see ubuntu logo there. So I've made a script, converted Humanity icons into Macintosh icns format and made a mac package to install them. See this screen: So If you want this boot experience (including gray ubuntu silhouette after you select ubuntu similar to mac's apple) Project page: Download page: Comments, Code, Bugs and Blueprints are welcome =) ps. the "screenshots" are actually edited files using themed graphics and same size because rEFIt is not build with screenshot support but it is very close to reality. I don't believe it will be upstreamable to rEFIt cause it's BSD licensed and icons are GPL ...

Push Google Buzz to Twitter,, Facebook and pretty much anything (updated)

(Updated Step 5) Until Google Buzz supports pushing updates natively here is a quick guide how to push your buzzes to social networking websites. Click buzz Click on your name Click "Google Profile" Click on RSS button in your browser to get the feed ( where NNNNN long string of numbers from your Google Profile URL) Go to to set up pushing your buzz feed to Twitter,, Facebook or pretty much to any social site using (Make sure to change advanced setting to "1/2 hour" that will actually push updates live as soon as they are buzzed using PubSubHubBub technology. Twitterfeed people will update "1/2 hour" wording to "live" soon. ) If you still have problems with updates check the feed status. Good status is "feed status:  Feed Checked OK". If feed is ok then your logins might be wrong or twitterfeed is down =( Good thing twitterfeed supports Op

LinkedIn & Gmail = Spam

Hello all I've just registered with LinkedIn and it offered to invite people from my Gmail address book. I've used that feature and now regret it cause invitation email have been send out to all Launchpad bugs, questions, merge proposals, mailing lists and BTS bugs..... I'm very sorry for all the spam! Please don't block me =(

Sveiki Planet Ubuntu!

Hello Everyone =) During the last Developer Membership Board meeting I got approved as Ubuntu Contributing Developer & Ubuntu Member. Thank you everyone! I support Crosswire related packages in Debian & Ubuntu as part of ~pkgcrosswire team and I do a few things syncs/merges/bug fixes here and there =) Although I'm now in Hull, UK studying Engineering I made a political decision to put Latvia on the Ubuntu Members map. I grew up in Latvia, my family still lives there and I spend most of my holidays there =) My other hobbies include opportunistic scientific python programming and volleyball. I'm national volleyball league referee in UK and I play for a few teams as well. Can't wait for the London 2012 Olympics cause I might be a Beach Volleyball Line Judge (finger's crossed). So please welcome to Ubuntu Planet - Latvia the Country that Sings. Here is an amazing video "Welcome to my Country" about Latvia. The soundtrack is by Brainstorm, probab